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Did You Know? Greenhouse Gas Comes From Your Ass

What We Do

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Raising Awareness to Reduce Green House Gases

A Custom-Printed, Personalized Offset Certificate, for a Lifetime of Farts.

A great gift for that special someone with a "rich inner life", each personalized certificate guarantees the purchase of carbon offsets to cover all of the farts they'll expel for one hundred years*. Create yours now for the right occasion and we'll mail it right away!

*(according to our best estimates)

Buy Now

Along with the certificate, your loved one will get a detailed explanation of our process and the sustainability projects their certificate is supporting, and you'll receive an email with a unique ID detailing exactly where the offset was purchased. Click here to see our impact so far.

Let 'em Rip

You or your loved one will receive a 5.5x8.5in certificate printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, carbon neutral paper made with 100% renewable energy.

How it works